Journal Entry
August 2001

scribe.gif (3200 bytes)  Our 3rd month in England


Lots of happenings here our first week in the new flat...very busy right now - cool and rainy...picnic with Tim's co-workers tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday), our shipment arrives Friday, as does Tim's x-co-worker and her daughter on the last leg of their European tour...will write more about our move, etc. in a few days.

Today is the last day of the month, so I thought I should take the time to do a journal entry for what's been going on this hectic month.

After the picnic Wednesday the 8th, we got home and received a call.  Tim' was given a message letting us know, in about an hour, our anticipated guests would be arriving at a train station in London (two days early).  Tim rushed to  the tube and took it to the train station (while I stayed here and straightened-up).  Fortunately, he got there in time to welcome Sue Kinzel and her 17-year-old daughter, Claire.

We enjoyed having Sue and Claire here for almost a week.  Aside from getting them to The Big Bus (all day) tour, a couple of dinners out, trip to Stonehenge and Bath, they were left to explore on their own .  My only regret is that our household goods shipment arrived during their stay.

It has been almost 3 weeks since I asked to have the shipper remove the boxes/packing paper left from  our delivery.  Very frustrating...many calls to shipper and to our government liaison.  Perhaps in the next week or so...

We're  going to Lakenheath tomorrow with Larry Mathews (he brought a vehicle over here)...there's a Navy Exchange there that might have less expensive nylons, etc. than I can find in London...I'll need them because I'm starting work Monday Sept. 10th - it should be an adventure after not working for the government for over 6 years.  Before that, however, Tim and I flying to Italy 9/4 to 9/9.  He'll be working and I think I'll be touring.  We may stay in Sorrento Friday and Saturday night...taking a hydrofoil to Capri and then checking out the Coast. 

Things here are starting to settle down...unpacking is done and almost everything is put away.  We really like our flat.

I signed up with the NHS yesterday...a story for another entry.