Our home in London 1 August 2001 - 2004

43, Marathon House
- on the first (not ground) floor -
200 Marylebone Road - London

The Landmark Hotel on Marylebone Road is the brick structure on the left (with the clock tower and flags).
Our new home is the glass and metal building in the background just beyond the Landmark Hotel.

Here's a closer view of our building.
Our flat is in the center of the shorter structure to the left - we won't see or hear the street traffic.

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Here's the entrance (below, left) to our building

This is the Westminster City Council Building across
the street from the flat...our local governing body.

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The lobby on the ground floor - the entry to the building is to the right





The ground level 24-hour porter's desk

Our parking space is underground if we need to use it.









Work-out area through the doors to the left of the porter's desk

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   The current tenant won't be moving out until the end of July, but we wanted to take some pictures...more pictures after we move in!
   The flat comes furnished; however, some of the items in the pictures you see below belong to the current tenant.

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Here's a partial view of the right side of the entry/hallway; the guest bath is on the right; the master bed on the left.

Past the Master Bedroom, turning from the left, there is a large closet, the guest bedroom, then the reception/dining area, the kitchen, and the front door.

patio.jpg (34295 bytes)  

This is our patio; the only doors out onto it are from the reception area (far left), the guest bedroom (left), and the master bedroom (where Tim is standing to take the picture).  Our estate agent says there aren't restrictions as to what we can put out there...we'll see...but it's great anyway!

reception.jpg (40567 bytes)  


The reception area - door leads outside to the patio; the dining area is not shown (it's at the opposite end of the room)

guestbed.jpg (26905 bytes)  

This is the  double guest bedroom - door leads out to the patio.

kitchen1.jpg (27712 bytes)


Partial view of the kitchen

kitchen2.jpg (24172 bytes)


Another partial view of the left-side kitchen - that's the refrigerator and freezer (far left) in the wood cabinets.

kitchen3.jpg (22987 bytes)  


Looking into the kitchen - there's a small table and 2 chairs to the right.  The kitchen is to the left from the entry hall.


masterbed.jpg (24408 bytes)  


Partial view of the Master Double Bedroom (very large by UK standards) - the door leading outside to the patio is at the end of the room on the left

masterbath.jpg (24235 bytes)  


Partial view of the Master Bath (there's also a bidet, not pictured)