Our temporary flat in London 2 June - 31 July 2001

OurTempFlat01.jpg (7879 bytes)

The door on the left is the entrance
to the flats at 75 York Street.

The entry is at ground level;
the next level (our flat) is the 1st floor.

The door on the right is a men's furnishings store; the window to the left of our entry is an accessories store.

Hallway Looking down the hallway from the entrance; the two bedrooms are at the end to the left and the right of the hallway.   Coming up the hallway to the right is the bath (on the wall is the intercom to buzz in visitors), and just after the entrance, the kitchen is on the right and the reception (livingroom)/dining area is to the left.
kitchen The kitchen - to the left is the 'fridge/freezer; to the right is the infamous washer/dryer combination, wastebasket, and a stool.
Reception 1 One view of the "reception" (living room) /dining area.

Almost all of the fireplaces in London are sealed (to help the environment) and have plants in front of them.  The plants in this flat are not artificial.

Just to the left of the fireplace, on the floor is a transformer.  We're using it to charge some of our small U.S. appliances (Local power supply here is 240V-50HZ instead of U.S. 110V-60HZ.)

Reception 2 Another view of the reception area; there are two tall windows in this room, separated by a black cabinet and picture of Venice. (We use the silver sugar container on the table for Tim's candies.)
Reception 2   This is the other side of the reception room - our dining area.  We use this area for office/computer work (there's our laptop /notebook computer and small transformer on the table to the left.)
   The 2nd of the two tall windows in the room is to the left of the table.
   The light colored stone container in the middle of the table is filled with colored glass pieces; similar to a squished oval-shaped marble (much more attractive than it sounds).
Bath The bathroom - there is no medicine cabinet; however, there is a mirror over the basin and storage under the basin.

The tub (includes a shower) is raised from the floor about 6 inches (so we're careful stepping down out of the tub!).


Guese Bedroom This is the guest bedroom.  To the left is a built-in wardrobe almost identical to the one shown in the master bedroom.   To the right is a night stand and 2 very tall windows with "balloon" curtains. (Tim didn't photograph that area because I have the clothes rack and ironing board set up on that side of the room.)
Across the room, opposite the end of the bed, is a dresser and mirror.
Master Bedroom 1 The next three pictures are of the master bedroom. Not shown is the area directly across the end of the bed where there is a chest of drawers.

Master Bedroom 2

There are two tall windows in this room.
Master Bedroom 3 This shows most of the built-in wardrobe (there is a full length mirror inside, on the door of the wardrobe panel not shown).