DECEMBER 2001 (and Tim's Award)    

First, I've added some pictures taken of an award ceremony November 30th.
Tim has been working very hard the last month or so on a special project.  His efforts
were recognized at a special surprise award ceremony November 30th.

The award states (in part), "Tim is a team player who proactively takes steps to solve
problems as they emerge... On his own initiative, he created a data base of... He was
selected to be NAVEUR's POC... In addition, Tim's drive to get things done right,
has led to improvements in the process..."

Here's Tim being surprised by the Captain

  To celebrate, Tim and I went to the closest thing we could find to a Mexican restaurant, South of the Border, Down Mexico Way.  It was excellent!  We loved the atmosphere, so have included two pictures.
 It's just off Regent St. on Swallow St., Piccadilly. We plan on taking our visitor's there next year.
After our dinner, we came upon Verraswamy, "Britain's oldest Indian restaurant."
This is also on Swallow Street...I had to get a picture of the doorman
and promise to visit there for dinner.

Tim and I have been taking evening walks to photograph some of the spectacular holiday
decorations in London.  We're sure we haven't seen it all, but below are some of the
pictures we took of street/window decorations on Oxford and Regent Streets
(within a few miles of where we work).

The pictures on the right and left  are of Mosco's - a Cafe across the street from work where Tim and I often have a cappuccino on the way home - they have wonderful pastries too!

  Even so, Tim's lost about 15 pounds and I've lost about 10 pounds - walking instead of driving!

Left, right, and below:

Oxford Street -a few blocks from work- and Selfridges' Department Store -a block away.

Oxford Street decorations, including Hamley's Toy Store (Tim could have spent hours in there!):

Later this week, we'll take a walk after work along New Bond Street and Bond Street.
We're told the window decorations are wonderful...even if we can't afford to shop in some
of the stores (Tiffany's. etc.)!  We're also hoping to go to a place near Embankment called
the Ice Bar...there are ice sculptures and a skating rink.   More pictures to come!

We plan a quiet holiday celebration since we're  both working the week of Christmas
(we'll have the 25th off and, we've heard, the 24th too).

Our wish for everyone is peace and happiness this holiday season.