Day trip to Warwick England
(29 June 2002)

Tim, our friend Linda, and I met at Marylebone Train Station at 8:00 AM where we joined our London Walk tour guide, Richard, and other tourists
to catch the train for a 2+ hour train ride across the south of England west toward Warwick in England.

We walked through this historical town - notice the red post box below, right.  It is very rare because it has been in use since Queen Victoria's reign
(the initial V for Victoria to the left of the gold crown, then R for Regina).
Most post boxes have the initial E (for Queen Elizabeth) and R (for Regina) if they were installed since her reign which began 50 years ago.  When the monarchy changes, the initial for all new post boxes reflects the new King/Queen's 1st initial.

The three of us plan to take a trip back to Warwick and spend the day in the city, as well as return to the castle in early December for their Christmas Festival (craft fair and festive entertainment).

We then went through the graveyard on to St. Mary's Warwick Church.