Stuttgart Germany
19 - 21 January 2002

We traveled to the Millennium Copthorn Hotel in Stuttgart Germany to celebrate  Much of Europe had just converted to the Euro, so it made it easier than usual to spend money!  (The hotel even had small chocolates wrapped in various Euro denominations in a hard clear plastic carrying case on each pillow.) has everything.  You could live there and walk around inside (which we did do) without traveling farther than across the street to see Cats ($200 per ticket!) - which we didn't do.

These two are views (above) from our hotel room window and a window on the other side of the floor where our room was.  January is gray here too.
The picture on the left is where Cats was playing; on the right we've caught our reflection as we're taking a picture of some of the artwork in the Hotel.
The photos below show some of the quaint displays throughout the Hotel.
We don't look it, but we are happy (I just hate having my picture taken and Tim's wondering if I'll ever press the right button to take his picture)...dining in the Bavarian style restaurant.  This was one of about six restaurants (not including the food court in the Hotel).

As an aside, wanted to mention the airport security in Germany is the best we have encountered anywhere so far.  We were very impressed.