20th of June 2003 Our day at the races
-Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot-

Through the American Embassy in London we were able to purchase tickets to the
Royal Enclosure at Ascot.

Tim had to wear a morning suit and top hat, and I had to wear a formal day
dress and hat that covered the crown of my head.

Divorcees have been allowed into the Royal Enclosure since 1955
- convicted criminals and undischarged bankrupts remain barred.

No bare heads, no chatting on mobile phones, no chewing gum and no picture taking
from the Grandstand Enclosure.  Therefore, we could not take pictures of the races,
people in the grandstand, or the Royal procession.
Men in bowler hats seek out, then address anyone breaking the rules.

The pictures below are part of the Royal Enclosure:              

Tim placed small bets on each race based on the name of the horse...he won a little over the total cost of the bets.  Wish we had won enough to pay for the very expensive lunches!


Leaving to catch the train, we took these shots of the crowds around Ascot