27 APRIL - 4 MAY, 2002

We have a RCI time share, useable throughout the world. However, we've never used any of our points, so we were able to combine all our points and book a three-bedroom apartment for one week - we chose the Dona Lola Resort in Malaga Spain.

Tim and I invited our good friends, Kim and her mother Alice, and a young couple,
John and Jennifer (expecting their 1st baby in August), to join us.

Kim (we've been friends since1984) is the lady who introduced Tim and me, and stood up for me at our wedding.  I first met Alice in 1990 after my previous husband died...she's been special to me ever since.  (Kim and Alice also stayed with us in London for a week before we all took off for Spain - their exciting self-inflicted adventures in London will be discussed in a Journal.)

We met Jennifer when we 1st arrived in England, living temporarily at 75 York Street.  Jennifer and John married in April 2001, but had been apart since May 2001 because
they had different duty stations.  John was finally able to join Jennifer here in September.
(You can also see John & Jennifer on our November-Thanksgiving photo page.)

This was a wonderful vacation we won't soon forget!

The 1st three photos were taken at different times from our balcony at Dona Lola.
The photos following them show various areas (and us) around the Resort.