Juan, Erin and Brittani Visit us in London

March 31, 2003 to April 12, 2003

Britt's expressions (below) reflect some of the "joys" of long-distance traveling.

Unfortunately, Tim had to leave for a business trip to Spain early their first morning in London so he missed out on some of our trips.  However, he was back home when they returned from their Stonehenge & Bath tour Friday night.

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First Full Day in London - resting up
& checking out the local neighborhood

Britt kept a daily journal during her entire visit!

Day Two:  We take the Big Bus Tour (twice) through sections of London98.jpg (20039 bytes)

Day Three:  We ride the train and visit
308.jpg (17557 bytes)
Warwick Castle

Day Four:  All-Day trip (by coach) to
363.jpg (7731 bytes)Stonehenge and
406.jpg (16661 bytes)Bath

Day Five:  Tim takes them to Abbey Road and some of the shops on Reagent & Oxford Streets734.jpg (18296 bytes)

Day Six:  We visit Speakers Corner 33.jpg (22426 bytes) and
37.jpg (12054 bytes) the Tower of London

Days Seven thru Ten:  our trip to Ireland

Last Full Day in London:  rest up - Tim & Britt work on a Power Point presentation of her visit to share with classmates at school, then he takes Juan & Erin to a local pub, and Britt and I have fun playing Jacks!