Hyde Park / Serpentine
Sunday, 23 July 2001

I've asked Tim fill in the story on these pictures.
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Serpentine2.jpg (11590 bytes)

Two views of the Serpentine Lake in the center of Hyde Park.  The park is a great place to relax on a Sunday afternoon.

Timrowing2.jpg (7262 bytes)

It's so relaxing, why not take a romantic rowboat ride on the Serpentine.  I knew I was rusty at rowing...but I later discovered one oar was eight inches shorter than the other!  No wonder I kept taking Judi in circles.  Boy, did the attendants have a good laugh over that!!!!

disabledsign.jpg (12936 bytes)

The "power that be" really have a good sense of humor.   If you look closely, you can see the "Disabled Persons' Entrance"...with arrows point UP!  (This was an outdoors concert area in Hyde Park where visitors can hear groups like the Beachboys and Sting.)