25 - 27 MAY, 2002

Tim and I decided at the last minute to take a trip to Scotland.  We weren't sure if Edinburgh would be just another large city like London...turned out it was very different.  It also turned out that the Queen arrived the same day we did for her Jubilee Celebration in Edinburgh, so some of the roadways were closed and it was more crowded than usual our first day.
Our original hotel had overbooked, so they paid for transportation to send us to a comparable and very nice hotel, The Greens.
The 1st day was very chilly and windy...we toured the city on foot, then took a double-decker bus tour*.  The remaining time in Edinburgh we were fortunate to have very pleasant weather, walking and visiting shops on the Royal Mile (and seeing the Edinburgh Castle) the 2nd day.  On our final day we spent many hours at the Edinburgh Zoo*, including a walk to the top of the hill where our views overlooking Edinburgh were marvelous. 

*The only problem in making last minute plans (and to avoid paying an arm and a leg for transportation over here) is the wait after arrival before checking in to the hotel (8 hours) and the wait before departure after checking out of the hotel (6 hours).  We had a relaxing and fun time anyway!