La Roque Gageac

(pronounced: La Roke Gay-Jzak)

This town is touted as one of the most beautiful villages in France.  It's not difficult to see why.  It's main road is extremely narrow and hugs the cliff.  The ochre limestone of the buildings blends almost seamlessly with the rock face behind them. 




The best way to experience La Roque Gageac is by gabarre...a river boat built in the fashion of the old flat-bottom cargo boats that plied the Dordogne River in years gone by.  By the way, these gabarres can navigate their way in extraordinarily shallow looked no more that 18 inches in some places.
We found two establishments that offered Gabarre rides in La Roque Gageac:
Gabares NORBERT (, e-mail  OR  tel: +33-05-53-29-40-44)
Gabarres CAMINADE (tel: +33--05-53-29-40-95)





Another great way to experience the Dordogne Valley is by Mongolfiere - hot air balloon!
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Mongolfière du Périgord (Hot-air balloons)
Tel. +
Fax: +

All year round, on reservation.
Take-off from La Roque-Gageac.
1-hour flights, with balloons carrying from one to six passengers.
3 rates, depending on choice of flight: 180 €, 200 € or 230 €


Castlenaud Castle, shown in the three images below, was built in the 12th century the Cazenac family...the name means "new castle".  Unfortunately, all that remains are its ruins.  


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