Le Fournil...the Gite (pronounced: jeet)

Gites are privately owned renovated farmhouses or cottages.  This was our country cottage just outside Cenac.  The owners live very close to this cottage, but we were afforded a great deal of privacy (they even went on a trip to the Pyrenees for five days).

Our cottage originated in the 1700's with all limestone and wood interior and exterior. Everything was there to store, cook, and serve our meals, as well as wash our dishes and clothes.  We had no television, telephone, radio or computers for a whole week!

Sitting on the patio at night we marveled at the brilliant array of stars filling the sky.

The first picture (below) shows our driveway on the left (beyond that is a pleasant area with lounge chairs), and the patio and entryway to the cottage.

Here's a picture of the owner's residence (left)


The owner's pool area (shared with cottage guests), and our view from the patio close to sunset.


Another view of the cottage and a view of the kitchen window - the owner's residence is just beyond


The picture on the left shows the side of the cottage.  The window at the top is in the bedroom area, the window on the ground floor (lace curtains) is the bathroom.  The door leads into an area used by the owners, not otherwise connected to the guest cottage.  The picture on the right is at the opposite end of the cottage, near the lounge chair area. 


Inside, the magnificent stone fireplace and walls


The two pictures below show the inside top of the fireplace


The stairs are very narrow and steep - they lead upstairs to the bedroom.  Here's a view of the single bed and a dressing table in the bedroom.  Our double bed, another window, and closet with shelves are on the other side of the room.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this gite...we found it and reserved it on line.  The very nice owner's speak virtually no English, but they have a website and the paperwork they send you is in English.  They do not accept credit cards, so payment is in Euros.  If you're interested in finding out more, go to their site: 


or e-mail them at:  jygia24@aol.com