During our stay in Cenac et Saint Julien, Domme was our biggest surprise.  We know it rested at the top of the mount overlooking Cenac (as the picture below shows), but we had no idea how magnificent the town was...we didn't discover it until the day before we left Cenac! 


Domme is a fortified bastide built by King Philip III, the Bold in the late 13th Century.  Unlike other bastides (or walled towns), Domme has a cliff on one side that serves as part of its defenses.


The focus of the main square is the Governor's Mansion, now hosting the Office of Tourism.



  Domme has many shops and crafts are a few examples of the variety.

Here is the artist 'SR' and some of her Les Cabanes du Breuil
You can see her site at or e-mail her at


We purchased some items in this 'Naturels' shop (all natural bath/shower items).  Contact Perrier Andrea Le Paille at  for additional information.


(Click here for our link to Bijoux Sculpture Createur, Charles Duret )

The Hotel de L'Esplanade comes highly recommended...perhaps we'll get a chance to stay there on a future visit.  It has rooms with balconies overlooking the Dordogne Valley from the cliff side of the bastide.


How about these scenes?  The one on the left is a view down the Dordogne toward La Roque Gageac and Beynac.  The one on the right is looking North toward Sarlat. 


Below, on the left, is a view looking East toward Montfort.  The view on the right captures the bridge to Cenac (also the limestone cliffs of La Roque Gageac - at the edge of the image).


Another spectacular view of the bridge to Cenac.

Below, you'll find an immersive image (panorama) from one of the focal points in Domme.




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