Covent Gardens, etc.

Saturday, 22 July 2001

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Above, on the left, we see a well-ornated building near Covent Gardens.
On the right, a courtyard within Covent Gardens.  (The crowd is always large.)

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Here we have two views above of Trafalgar Square - another crowded sight.

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This store caught our eye - FCUK (French Connection, United Kingdom).
On the right, we have a "clockwork Guardsman" - a busker who entertains the crowd
for a small donation.  Give him a pound (about $1.50), wind him up, and watch him go.

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Above, on the left, we have another busker - an "alien" with extended arms...he grabs tourists,
so watch out!  On the right, we have another view of Covent Gardens.

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Check out the mix of cultures - traditional phone booths in front of a Mexican restaurant.
We found this in Leicester Square (pronounced "Lester Square).
On the right, we have another view of Trafalgar Square.

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On the left, you can see the Admiralty Arch, leading to Buckingham Palace.
The red brick building is a Dr. Marten's shoe store.

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Another view of Leicester Square and the inside view of a tube station
(the famous London Underground).