13-15 February 2003 Trip to Cornwall
(Mousehole and Penzance)

We almost made it to UK's Land's End; however, we missed it by about 15 miles
and only went as far as Penzance by rail


then by taxi to our room at the Old Coast Guard Inn in Mousehole


We met this gentleman when we first arrived.  He wears his native Cornwall kilt
and told us a little about the history of his kilt and of his town.

Since it wasn't the tourist season (the weather was cold, damp & brisk) and
having no car, we walked around the small but picturesque town

We spent quite a bit of time in this shop talking with the owner;
born/educated in France, worked/lived in the U.S. for more than 20 years,
then moved here many years ago.

Because of the weather and size of the town, we spent a good part of our time
at the Old Coast Guard Inn pub/lounge/restaurant

A wonderful view of the ocean from the rear of the Inn

 great views along Mousehole's Coast and it's harbor

Tim took a few panoramas in Mousehole.  Just click on the following links.