Catania Sicily
6 - 13 January 2002

  Tim needed to go to Sigonella Sicily on business, so I joined him there for a week.  He was on one flight and I took another.  We all had to fly from London to Rome, then change planes in Rome to get to the small airport in Catania.

   The locally grown oranges produce a red orange juice...delicious - and, I'm told, the local wines are excellent.

   Tim and I left Sigonella January 11th and spent the weekend in the port city of Catania.        
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We had wonderful dinners in small villages in the hills with Tim's previous supervisor  - Ginny (right) - and previous coworkers - Lyn (center) & Steve (not shown).
The two ladies love to shop and have made several trips together back to Sicily.

"Catania, the 'city of the elephant' is Sicily's second largest city and it lies on the coast of the Ionian Sea at the foot of the still active volcano of Mount Etna..."
We spent our weekend at a small hotel (Savona') just across the way from the Piazza Duomo.  Except for the manager at the hotel, no one spoke English and we didn't speak Italian, so it was a new adventure.  The views to the right are from our balcony.