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The BIG BUS tour
(17 June 2001)

20010617_00RedBusMap.jpg (70136 bytes)
Map (Red Route)

20010617_01HydeParkStart.jpg (75744 bytes)
Park Lane

1.  Our beginning:  We started our tour on Park Lane at Hyde Park, near Marble Arch (Tyburn Corner).  We could see "Speakers' Corner within the park.

20010617_03MarbleArch.jpg (57332 bytes)
Marble Arch

20010617_057NAudley.jpg (61640 bytes)
7 North Audley Street

2.  We proceeded on to "Little America" where we passed 7 North Audley Street (where I work) and the US Embassy, and then on to Berkeley Square.

20010617_06BerkeleySq.jpg (79516 bytes)
Berkeley Square

20010617_08RegentsSt.jpg (67419 bytes)
Regent Street

3.  On to the retail areas: Regent Street and Carnaby Street (made famous in the 1960-70's)

20010617_07CarnabySt.jpg (80287 bytes)
Carnaby Street

20010617_09Picadilly.jpg (66013 bytes)
Picadilly Circus

4.  Here we have the famous Picadilly Circus and Haymarket (the theatre center)

20010617_10HaymarketSt.jpg (70480 bytes)

20010617_12NatlGallery.jpg (66847 bytes)
National Gallery

5.  Now we're in Trafalgar Square, with the National Gallery on one side, and Nelson's Column on the other

20010617_11TrafalgarSq1.jpg (72595 bytes)
Nelson's Column

20010617_13Whitehall.jpg (60449 bytes)

6.  Take a look down Whitehall to see Big Ben (actually that's the bell within the clock tower)

20010617_14HorseGuard.jpg (55919 bytes)
the Horse Guard

20010617_15WestmAbbey.jpg (52432 bytes)
Westminster Abbey

7.  How about the famous sights of Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament (with it's renowned clock tower)

20010617_17HofP.jpg (28335 bytes)
House of Parliament

20010617_16TheEye.jpg (34497 bytes)
the Milliennium Eye

8.  Crossing the Thames, we see the Millennium Eye and pass by Waterloo International Station - the British home of the Eurostar (Chunnel train)

20010617_18EuroStar.jpg (59030 bytes)
Eurostar Station

20010617_20StPauls.jpg (57679 bytes)
St. Paul's Cathedral

9.  Crossing the Thames again, we approach Saint Paul's Cathedral

20010617_21StPauls.jpg (36868 bytes)
another view

20010617_22TowerBridge.jpg (36087 bytes)

10.  For the third time we cross the Thames (this time via London Bridge with Tower Bridge in the distance) and come to the Dungeon

20010617_23Dungeon.jpg (77418 bytes)
the Dungeon

20010617_24TowerBridge.jpg (47874 bytes)
Tower Bridge

11.  For the fourth and final time we cross the Thames (this time via the Tower Bridge) and see the Tower of London's famous White Tower

20010617_25TowerLondon01.jpg (43174 bytes)
Tower of London

20010617_27LeavingLondon.jpg (75292 bytes)
City marker

12.  As we leave the "city of London" and enter the "city of Westminster", we see the dragon marker on the side of the road.   Across the river, we have an excellent view of the Aquarium.

20010617_30Aquarium.jpg (79568 bytes)

20010617_29BigBen.jpg (78709 bytes)
Clock Tower

13.  My favorite: the Clock Tower (better known as Big Ben)

20010617_31BigBen.jpg (80175 bytes)

20010617_32WestmstrAbbey.jpg (80859 bytes)
the Abbey

14.  Westminster Abbey

20010617_33WestmnstrAbbey.jpg (28743 bytes)
a clearer view

20010617_34HorseGuard.jpg (74412 bytes)
Horse Guard

15.  Horse Guard (again) and a special treat: veterans of the Normandy Invasion

20010617_35NormandyVets.jpg (63308 bytes)

20010617_36StJamesPal.jpg (40099 bytes)
St. James Palace

16.  Saint James Palace is the home of the Prince of Wales and his two sons, William and Harry.  Another great abode: the Ritz Hotel.

20010617_38Ritz.jpg (64598 bytes)
the Ritz Hotel

20010617_39HardRock.jpg (74231 bytes)
the original Hard Rock Cafe