31 MAY - 2 JUNE, 2002


We had wanted to take the train from London to Newcastle, then the overnight ferry from Newcastle to Bergen to visit with my cousins (Odny, Liv and Magne).
However, until the summer, the ferry only runs twice a week across the North Sea..
So we flew to Bergen for our Memorial Day celebration.
Since it's only a U.S. holiday, everyone else was at work when we arrived, so Tim and I took a bus from the airport to the Radisson Hotel in Bergen.

Magne and (Odny) met us outside the hotel, Odny returned to work down the street, and Magne drove us to Knarvik where we stayed with him and Liv in their new home. We also got to see their two young grandsons, their son and daughter, and Vicki (13-yr-old Bichon).
Magne prepared  a surprisingly good Reindeer dinner that evening - I thought it was beef stroganoff at first!  (They also made sure we joined them in having a good Norwegian breakfast each morning - meats, cheeses, bread and spreads, and juices - very nice.)
The following evening we (Liv, Magne, Tim, and I) drove to Bergen, walked around the crowded streets, and had a good dinner with Odny at the Art Moody.
The next day we walked along the town and harbor (the Dragon races), then visited with Anny (Odny & Magne's mother), then the four of us went to Odny's new flat for
a wonderful salmon dinner our last night in Norway. 

Liv and Magne still live in Knarvic and still overlook the water from their new, cozy home: